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Tree Selection & Planting

Beaudry Arbor Care can help you match the perfect tree to your yard, landscape, or garden. Our focus is the selection, and planting of trees that are native to Michigan. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have, or to schedule a consultation. 


Matching Tree & Site


Each tree species has certain environmental requirements for water, light exposure, soil conditions, structure, pH, hardiness, and growing space that need to be met in order for the tree to thrive. We take these factors into consideration when making recommendations to our clients. When selecting a new tree it is important to choose a tree that comes from good stock. We work with local nurseries to select healthy, well cared for nursery trees. 

 Planting Services:

  • Tree selection & consultation

  • Soil testing (pH, nutrient analysis, CEC, soil structure, texture)

  • Delivery & installation

  • Post-planting care 

  • Our stump grinding service is available to make space for new planting 

  • Hardwood mulch is included with every planting

Proper Mulching 

Mulching newly planted trees, as well as established trees in your landscape is vital to their success. Properly adding mulch to your trees helps roots regulate temperature, retain soil moisture, and adds organic material, and nutrients back into the soil. Every tree we plant comes with hardwood mulch. We can also properly mulch existing trees in your landscape.

If you think your trees may be mulched incorrectly, give us a call. Improper mulching can be fixed with a root collar excavation. 

Improper Mulching:

  • Mulch is more than 3" thick

  • Mulch is covering the trunk, and root flare

  • Eventually kills the tree 

  • Causes girdling roots, and basal decay

  • Does more harm than good for your tree

Proper Mulching:

  • Mulch is < 3" deep

  • Mulch is pulled back from the root flare 6-12"

  • Mulch extends out to the dripline 


Why Plant?

There are many benefits to urban and landscape trees, and these benefits sometimes go unnoticed in our busy daily lives. It is important to remember the value that the trees in and around our homes, places of work, and communities provide to us. Below are a few examples of what trees provide to us.  

  • Beauty in the forms of flowers, fruits, and seasonal colors 

  • Trees that are cared for provide an increase in home & property value

  • Sequester carbon, and filter pollutants from the air

  • Provide oxygen, and deflect noise and wind 

  • Deciduous trees provide cooling shade to homes, patios, and decks in the summer, and allow sunlight to penetrate during cold winter months, thus reducing energy consumption

  • Block unwanted views, and protect soil from erosion

  • Reduce rain water by capturing and holding rainwater before it reaches the ground 

  • Some research has shown that trees have positive psychological effects, such as reducing stress 

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