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Proper Pruning 

Beaudry Arbor Care offers a variety of pruning options to best fit the needs of our clients and their trees. Pruning is the most common tree maintenance procedure, but if done incorrectly it can cause damage that remains for the life of the tree. Before a pruning takes place, we meet with you to develop a plan that keeps your goals in mind, as well as the overall health and longevity of your trees. We follow the ISA's best management practices for tree pruning as well as the standards put forth by the American National Standards Institute. Arborists are trained to understand the biology and basic requirements of trees to ensure that the pruning provided will optimize tree health, structure, and longevity. Call us for a free pruning consultation and estimate.

Canopy Thinning & Cleaning

This type of pruning procedure is the most common, most important, and most beneficial service you can provide to your landscape trees. The amount of material removed during a pruning cycle should not exceed 25% of the tree's canopy.

Canopy thinning and pruning includes the removal of:

  • Deadwood first and foremost

  • Crossing branches

  • Damaged or diseased branches

  • Branches with weak attachment points  

Benefits include:

  • Light and air penetration throughout the canopy

  • Safety as deadwood and structurally weak branches are removed 

  • Retains natural shape and structure 

  • Reduces wind resistance 

  • Stimulates interior growth

  • Increases growth on remaining healthy branches and shoots

Canopy-thinning3fullcolor650x350 (1).png

Canopy Reduction

This type of pruning procedure is often used to control the size and shape of a tree. Sometimes trees are planted in locations where there is not enough space for them to continue to grow to their natural height and width. It is important to note that this is not a natural or recommended method. This procedure is usually done to keep a tree contained in such a way that it is not growing too close to a home, power lines, or obstructing a desired view,  


Canopy Elevating

This type of pruning procedure (sometimes called vista pruning) is done to remove lower limbs near walkways, streets, structures, lights, or to enhance a view from a deck or patio. This procedure does not necessarily benefit the tree, but it can allow more sunlight to penetrate and benefit flower beds, and turf grass. 

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