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Risk Assessment & Removals


Risk Assessment

At Beaudry Arbor care we offer several different levels of risk assessment for the trees on your property. If you have a tree that you are concerned about, give us a call and we can schedule a consultation to determine what level of risk assessment is recommended. 

Level 1 Limited Visual Assessment: This assessment is done from the ground, and is typically done when assessing multiple trees in an area. We focus on identifying trees with imminent and/or probable likelihood of failure in order to determine which ones may qualify for a more thorough assessment. 

Level 2 Basic Assessment: This assessment includes a detailed visual inspection of the tree, its surrounding site, and a synthesis of the information collected. We look at the site, visible buttress roots, branches, branch attachment points and the trunk. This can include sounding of the tree trunk and root flare, as well as probing and inspection of any decay cavities. 


Level 3 Advanced Assessment: This assessment typically involves an aerial inspection of the crown - looking for defects in high stems and branches. It can also include decay testing in certain areas to determine structural integrity, root inspection and evaluation, and a detailed target and site analysis.   


Tree Removal

At Beaudry Arbor Care we try to exhaust all options before recommending a removal. Sometimes a removal is necessary if there is a high likelihood of failure. We do offer tree removal services, but are limited in the size and scale of what we can remove. Please call for a free consultation. 


Stump Grinding

We offer stump grinding as a service at Beaudry Arbor Care. Removing old stumps can make way for replanting, or to open up new space in your yard, or landscape bed. Please call for a free estimate. 

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